Do you have your wardrobe full of clothes you don’t like, don’t fit you or you never wear anymore? We suppose we all have many unworn pieces that for some reason we don’t feel like throwing away as we think that they are worth more. We really had no idea what to do with those clothes as long as we came up with the idea of a marketplace, where we all have the opportunity to sell these pieces. The idea behind Gardrob is very simple – You bring your clothes, bags, accessories and we provide the venue, tables, racks and the community.


  • Please keep one and a half meter SECURITY DISTANCE.
  • There is a mandatory QUEUING at the entrance, you can only enter with the permission of the security guard.
  • Use of MASK is MANDATORY for both vendors and costumers
  • There can be 3 people in the FITTING ROOM at the same time. 




  • DÜRER KERT: 1146, Budapest Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.
  • ENTRANCE AND REGISTRATION: 1146, Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.
  • The market takes place INDOOR.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Trolley bus: 74, 75, Bus: 7, 173, Tram: 1
  • PARKING: Parking in the district is free on the weekends, but please always check the signs on the street!


  • You can find the online booking system on this website under the links marked with dates. BOOKING IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE AND POSSIBLE BY CREDIT CARD
  • Choose a place you like on the map then scroll down and select that table from the list. If you would like to reserve a rack too, choose a table that is framed on the map (this will be 1000 HUF plus).
  • Once you have selected your place, put the table in the cart (KOSÁRBA). By clicking on pay (FIZETÉS) the page will lead you to the secure payment page of OTP Simple Pay, where you can finalize the card payment transaction by entering your and your credit card details.
  • Accepted credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and American Express
  • If there is a problem with the payment, make sure that no firewall or ad-block is enabled in your browser.
  • Please enter an existing email address, as we will send the purchase confirmation and invoice to the address you provided.
  • If you don't receive a confirmation, check your spam folder or email us at: gardrobkv@gmail.com


Sector A: 7000 (+1000 HUF)
Sector B: 6500 (+1000 HUF)
Sector C: 6000 (+1000 HUF)
Sector D: 5000 (+1000 HUF)
Sector E: 6000 (+1000 HUF)

Sector F: 5500 (+1000 HUF)


The location is constantly changing, the map is just a help. 

From 4th of October: 




  • USABLE AREA: 2 square meters (can only be packed ON or UNDER the table and the rack)
  • TABLE: 183 × 76 cm
  • RACK: You can book a rack from the organizers for 1000 HUF. The framed table numbers on the map are coming with 1 rack. If you are booking a framed table you cannot bring your own rack. You need to bring your own hangers.The tables without frame on the map will be reserved without rack. You can bring 1 rack here (maximum 1 meter long).  There is no charge for the rack you bring.The tables without frame on the map will be reserved without rack. You can bring 1 rack here (maximum 1 meter long). There is no charge for the rack you bring.
  • CHAIR: 1/table



  • One vendor can book maximum 2 tables but two people can sell their items at one table.
  • Gardrób Közösségi Vásár is a second-hand clothing market for individual and non-professional vendors. Please do not register companies, shops, businesses and do not sell anything other than used clothes and accessories. If you sell a product what you have made yourself, you also have to bring second-hand clothes for least half of your table.
  • The sale of items up to 600,000 HUF per a year is tax-free in Hungary. You don't need to give a reciept after a selling.
  • We cannot refund tables after the purchase, but we'll give you all the help you need to re-sell your table.
  • By booking, the vendor accepts the rules of the event. The organizers have the right to suspend participation from non-compliant vendors.
  • The organizers are not responsible for any theft damage. 


The unsold items which you don’t want to take home will be collected at the closing of the market and delivered to those in need with the help of the Vészhelyzet 2000 Foundation.



Please clean and iron the clothes you would like to sell, and don’t try to sell anything that you wouldn’t buy yourself. The pieces you would like to turn into money should be in great condition, no one wants to buy shabby, worn-out pieces!

You define your own prices, and you have to provide price tags, hangers, display, rack, basket for your marketplace as well.